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The Maison Bonaparte in the town is now a museum

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By cutting off Philidor, Valeant lost the primaryadministrator of its discount program for co-pays borne byindividuals under their health insurance plans

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The main attraction is the Church of the Nativity, built on the spot where it is believed Jesus was born.

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If Beckham was verbally abused by slurs or physically threatened, he must take action.

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There is one big caveat, though: The number of people who want but can’t find a full-time job remains elevated by historical standards

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First of all, I apologize to the organization I represent, the Giants, and our ownership, John Mara and his family and Steve Tisch and his family

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The other night I met a couple who hadn't seen much dance but had seen my Swan Lake and loved it so come back to see Sleeping Beauty

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Lisa Madigan said in her ruling that the argument over whether skill is required in betting on short-term fantasy-team contests is irrelevant

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He'd read my most recent draft (my 12th … 13th … 20th I'd lost count by then) and said he'd like us to work on a new draft together

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I do not assume that all my conclusions about Jesus are right.

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The staff had even notified an organ donation organization that Pickering’s son was a donor.

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And Christmas pudding prices have risen steadily over the years - although on average they should cost you a little less this Christmas than last.

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Estimated average four-year weight loss was 38 kg for gastric bypass, 31 kg for sleeve gastrectomy, and 20 kg for gastric band.

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The reverse side of the bill features an engraving of the famous statue of Apollo and his chariot mounted on the Bolshoi Theater's portico

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He added that the blaze was under control within a couple of hours.

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We don’t exactly know the mechanism behind the benefits of kangaroo care, Dr

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Porzingis blocked James' shot as the four-time MVP drove to the basket in the second quarter.

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The Princess Diaries star has been keeping fit and healthy during her pregnancy and she was absolutely glowing post-session here so it's obviously paying off.

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The study found that after one year of follow-up, 27% of heart attack patients had new or persistent depression, while 11% had improved depression

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Here are some of the hidden highlights.

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Job adverts start at 175 VAT for one week with discounts available for longer periods and block bookings.

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"That oil is easier and more cost-effective to make into low-octane fuel, and that has affected premium prices."

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That’s not necessarily bad, as it means savings on phone bills from less data use.

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