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China's largest residential property developer by sales alsosaid it wanted the insurers to help fund a restructuring,although it has previously raised unspecified concerns aboutBaoneng's reputation.
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At the time, Ford told Ahmad the U.S
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Listings on Airbnb, the biggest site, have surged to about 300,000 in 192 countries from 10,000 in late 2009, with the website taking a cut on all bookings
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A kind-faced, uniformed breast care nurse approached us
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Dr Malhotra said: “I think we have to make sure that any change in policy gives patients all the information they need about the risks of benefits of medication and respects their decision
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The biggest single order, for up to 200 aircraft, was from U.S
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However, for about 30 years, its production in the United States was nil
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The National Weather Service warned that a narrow band of rain of thunderstorms capable of causing damaging winds in Oswego County and northern Cayuga County was possible.
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“Twitter and Facebook were blocked in China and I had to create a Microsoft account to send emails and tell everyone to forward important emails to me on that new ID,” Sharma told Quartz
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He said that Toyne “will be an effective leader who can guide the future of the MUSL.”
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"It is important to raise awareness of the proven link between smoking and dementia
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She tested the hoe and found that it contained DNA from two males — but not from the suspects.
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The stormy weather scrambled holiday plans in Florida while northeastern states expected unseasonably warm temperatures
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But the loss of Sangin, which British and U.S
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It’s a graphic illustration of the dangerous debris people inhale over such a short span of time
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Some have played since kindergarten
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“I just kind of started mentally picturing myself where I wanted to be
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On this day in 1988, Pan Am flight 103 was blown up by a bomb over Lockerbie, killing a total of 270 people
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13, 2015, shows head brewer Bob Harrington testing different beers as they ferment at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, Colo
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Throughout Europe, 500t of colistin is said to have been used on farms in 2014 compared to 1t in human health
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Chairman Peter Bennie also raised fears the number of jobs lying vacant could have a “detrimental impact” on frontline care
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"All the lines are gone now," Perry says
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The jihadist group Islamic State has also been accused of using chemical weapons, including sulphur mustard
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Asian refiners want more condensate forsplitters or blending to increase their gasoline yield.
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Former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman penned his second album as a love letter to his wife, Emma
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"As a society, we seem not to value supporting our mental health as much as other developed countries, with less of our budget being allocated in this direction
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The other night I met a couple who hadn't seen much dance but had seen my Swan Lake and loved it so come back to see Sleeping Beauty
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I remember feeling upset and thinking that this gorgeous girl was going home to die.
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Safyre Terry has received more than a million cards, including a personal message from the White House, since a friend shared a Facebook post with her wish for cards to fill a display tree
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Many of you might recall the mess that transpired around Christmas 2014, when online services hosting Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network suddenly stopped working for gamers around the world
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You have your aims and targets and the aims are the same
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