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A snapped strut in the upper stage was to blame
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But I can only see when I say something that you use my words in your context
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I just put it down to one of those things that people go through from time to time and would eventually shift
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These at-risk groups usually only require a single vaccine.
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9 it would liquidate the fund's assets
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There are various ways of getting your precious files from your iPhone onto your Android, but we’ll start with the most obvious and basic
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"Each state is approaching it somewhat differently." (Reporting by Kylie Gumpert; Editing by Michele Gershberg andLeslie Adler)
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Rhodes believed the English were a "master race" and he was instrumental in the seizure of swathes of African land
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''I felt like the first half of the year I didn't hit it great but I putted well,'' he said
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We don’t want to contaminate what we want to study
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Top 10 STOXX sectors..........................
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Launched in 2009, Focused Credit found its way into the portfolios of mom-and-pop investors, pension plans and nonprofits, fund disclosures show
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Or by touching surfaces exposed to turtles or their poop, as might happen if a pet turtle roams freely through the house or if its waste is dumped in the bathroom or kitchen sink.
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21 it signed an appendix tofactoring agreement with a company operating in advertisingsector, increasing factoring limit to 1.25 million zlotys ($308,991) from 0.25 million zlotys
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But programmers also fear the packages could become sopopular that they undercut current, more profitable deals withcable companies.
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This time, Musk opted for a true land landing.
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Eventually, most doctors and nurses find out what it's like to be in-patients too
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Syria, riven by civil war, has a nominally Shia president supported by Iran, while next door in Lebanon the most powerful militia is Hezbollah, also supported by Iran.
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This species is well-known for its clever tool tricks, but studying its behaviour in the wild is difficult
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He does everything and anything, there's nothing he can't do
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We've done this show almost 330 times, but even earlier this month we put new things in
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“A lot of kids look up to me as a role model,” he said
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you have lived in the past that could keep you from being a blood donor
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As online sales accounted for 15% of online shopping this holiday season, about 900 million packages were expected to ship between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, according to The Associated Press.
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