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Welcoming and friendly, Las Dalias offers excellent service and a good standard of accommodation and facilities at affordable prices

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That makes a study likely after the September election, unless the balance of power falls to a small party opposed to drilling.

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The Jets cornerback wrapped up a media tour earlier this week for a candy company that included plenty of praise for Brady on every imaginable national radio outlet

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A young person stood behind Sanders during his media conference wearing a t-shirt that said: "Rahm Failed Us."

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Televisions will be heavily discounted in January leading up to the Super Bowl

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“At the same time, we’d like to preserve that opportunity for Juan to continue to grow and demonstrate that he can be potentially an everyday guy

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It's only a bit of fun - there are no prizes or credibility

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Crumes grew up in nearby Wentzville, hunting on his grandfather’s land and playing tight end on the football team

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And if you break a limb, before correcting it, we apply myrrh on the affected area."

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Sandusky engage in ”work relating to’ PSU and that he engage in that work ”for’ PSU,” Judge Dan Pellegrini wrote

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These were royal colours because the dyes used to make them were very rare and expensive.

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Orders are expected to peak at 8.52pm, following a 3pm dip when the nation turns its eyes to the Queen's speech.

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But in typical diva fashion, they are of course by Christian Dior AND she also owns them in festive red and wintry white

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In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, an anonymous McDonald's manager confirmed the existence of the fast food chain's so-called secret menu

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Eleven stone cairns surround Balmoral Castle in Deeside, erected by members of the royal family to commemorate significant family events

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No, we would never knowingly be undersold on a set of popsicle cluster tree lights

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Octane rating measures gasoline's ability to resist engine knock

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Firing up both units will boost Kansai Electric’s profits by as much as 12.5 billion yen ($104 million) a month, according to Syusaku Nishikawa, a Tokyo-based analyst at Daiwa Securities Co

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They were outside the Skylab space station working on a solar array which was stuck in the wrong position

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Spain's 21% unemployment rate remains one of the highest in Europe, and inequality grew after the financial crisis.

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On 9 Dec, President Jacob Zuma sacked his well-respected Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, replacing him with a relative unknown, David van Rooyen

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"Both plaintiffs were able to adequately use their computers for approximately 18 months and two years, respectively."

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If the audience didn't know the story, as of course they do with Sleeping Beauty, I'd have to spell it out but this way allows me to be creative within the existing structure

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“Too many rich people have too many secrets and too much power.”

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Even though spending has been modest, the income is there to support it.”

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4 reactors, operated by the Kansai Electric Power Co

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The signs were there in the first quarter

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