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Now is the time of year to show our appreciation."
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The vote — there’s a lot of “don’t knows” in the present polling — may go for staying in
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Susana Martinez, the host of a hotel ballroom holiday party on Dec
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Those helmets, formidable looking as they are, can prevent skull fractures but precious little else
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They needed to consider flexible working, particularly in the most challenging, competitive parts of the industry.
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It highlighted China, where the "economy seems to be maturing and growth is decelerating faster than previously expected".
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Specialists like journalists and performers already require a separate visa to travel to the US, and anyone seeking to work in the US - that is, be paid by a US company - requires a work visa
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"He had graduated from college number one in his class — with half a brain," Carson said
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In 1992 after the defeat of President George Bush he welcomed the end of his presidency and referenced the US's "unprecedented" military action in "Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Libya and the Gulf"
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In-house Mandi-Mandi restaurant serves Malay and Italian fare or the hotel can point you to its smart sister restaurants in town.
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We are working together and trying to come up with the best solution.
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Striking the balance perfectly between feminine and formal, it’s as fab for the office as for a Saturday lunch teamed with a pair of jeans and ankle boots
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Less chilly waters mean any oil would break down faster
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Spieth missed a playoff by one shot.
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My prayer at Christmas is that we will follow Jesus' call to look into our hearts and that we will reflect on how we contribute to both justice and injustice in the world
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The Santa Claus tale is one that most kids believe when they’re very young
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Dashlane, a tech company with offices in Paris and New York, believes it offers just that
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"It is important to raise awareness of the proven link between smoking and dementia
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This walk is a serious challenge