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Executives at Third Avenue and its parent company, Affiliated Managers Group Inc, declined to comment or did not respond to several requests to comment for this story

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The World Health Organisation recommended this year that sugar added to food and drinks should not make up more than 5 per cent of a person's average energy intake

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But unlike other tablets such as the Apple iPad or the Google Nexus 7, the Surface tablets have been somewhat different because of the way they have been positioned

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Valeant said prescriptions dropped 20 percent in thefourth quarter.

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Orangeries, often grouped together with conservatories, are in fact quite different

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A woman gets into the waters on Leblon beach at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 22, 2015

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It held above its 50-day moving average, signaling its bullish trend remained intact.

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Autopsies showed that the young backpackers, who met on the island while staying at the same hotel, suffered severe head wounds and that Witheridge had been raped.

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Telnaes, however, defended her work, tweeting that Cruz's young daughters were "fair game" after being featured in a Christmas parody ad released by the senator's campaign earlier this month

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A fallen tree rests atop a pickup truck in Holly Springs, Miss., after a storm struck the town on Wednesday, Dec

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Rome's preferred solution was deemed by Brussels to be state aid, triggering a clash with the Commission.

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The first astronaut out of the hatch connects his or her cable to the outside of the hull before anchoring the partner's line outside as well

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Tourism operators fear that oil and gas could undermine business

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The jury is still out on whether the strategy will work

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He is 2,810 points away from passing Wilt Chamberlain for fifth on the all-time list, a possibility if Nowitzki opts to play at least one more season after this contract expires.

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Indian officials have been trying to assuage suppliers' concerns, including by setting up an insurance pool with a liability cap of 15 billion Indian rupees ($226.16 million)

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Miss Colombia was originally announced as the winner but the host Steve Harvey said he made a mistake when reading the card

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Then the roar became deafening, as TV cameras showed the first-stage booster landing on extended legs at its new, dedicated landing zone

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“You hear people say you’re just a two-down player, but there’s only three downs in football

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Children in tow A popular alternative is The Strong (, the second-largest museum devoted to children in the United States

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