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"Energy prices are likely to rise slightly as production slips, which will ease the current supply versus demand gap

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"It is critically important that pregnant women have an ultrasound examination before 12 weeks gestation to confirm twins, and to confirm whether or not both babies share one placenta

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It's been one-way traffic for spot LNG prices in AsiaLNG-AS, which fell as low as $6.60 per million Britishthermal units in October

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31, we’ll take a look at our favorite free and paid iPhone titles, respectively

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A woman gets into the waters on Leblon beach at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 22, 2015

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Due to court orders, Illinois has been spendingat fiscal 2015 levels when revenue was higher because of atemporary hike in income tax rates.

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He said the company's purchase of other small brewers hasn't hurt the quality or the following of their beers.

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They do not believe except they see

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Regarding Jason Riley’s “Scalia Was Right About Race Preferences” (op-ed, Dec

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The shape of a future government remains unclear

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When Kassie Leon’s aunt was pregnant with her second child, she already had the requisite stroller, car seat and such

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As online sales accounted for 15% of online shopping this holiday season, about 900 million packages were expected to ship between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, according to The Associated Press.

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If the league wants to protect its players, then it owes it to Beckham, the Giants and the other 2,000 players to find out who said and did what

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It’s only 35 miles from central London but you’ll feel a world away from the city on this walk with its geographical and historical delights

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There are estimated to be tens of thousands of fighters in a country of 4.8 million.

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Consider that the players he was guarding last season shot 45.6 percent overall (meaning he's held opponents 5.7 percent lower this season).

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4 reactors at a nuclear power plant in Takahama, Fukui prefecture, western Japan

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Chan replies.“There hasn’t beena lot of data

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A statement from the university says actions admitted by Cosby are not reflective of the school's commitment to supporting survivors of "sexualized violence."

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Officers and security guards formed a line outside the mall, extending into a nearby parking garage

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It is dealing with a war in neighboring Yemen, Russia's entry into the Syrian conflict and low oil prices that are straining its budget.

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The bag was later recovered, but the wallet was taken.

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The free program, called Binge On, is available to those who have data plans of at least 3 gigabytes

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The sixth director could not be reached.

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The government is commissioning more studies to understand the different pollution sources, the officials said

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The best horses at Ferguson's Bloomfields stable will join Godolphin, and staff at Bloomfields will be invited to do so

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This stylish skyscraper is in the heart of Central's retail district

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“People are so tied up in their own world

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* Families can celebrate from 9 a.m

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pro-business government wants to restart as many reactors as possible

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The predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines boasts of having the longest Christmas celebration that starts every last quarter of the year.

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The account snowballed, quickly picking up nearly 40,000 followers in just a few months

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We are achieving outcomes for Irish mothers and babies that are as good as those available in the world's other leading foetal medical centres," Prof Malone said.

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But I didn’t feel that in the media and of course I can imagine that you can write about that subject

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Georgia Southern scored two plays later when Matt Breida ran for a 1-yard touchdown to push the advantage to 44-27.