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BBC Trending contacted the Turkish humanitarian organisation that uploaded the video, but they said they've lost contact with Aisha and her family.
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Hoyer wants as much information as possible
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We demand real, authentic and systemic change, now”
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It worked for Amirkhani against Ogle in Sweden
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Stuff repeatedly happened through the years
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“The wording of the policy was ‘replicate’,” Rummel said
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The researchers deployed these cameras on 19 wild New Caledonian crows in late 2009, with a hope to document the birds’ strange behavior with hooked stick tools.
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from the mangled Nissan SUV some 50 miles from her Columbia, Mo., home.
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Tun Thurein told the court that Blackwood alone was responsible for the posting
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And those parents can also say that when you act like that, there are consequences
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The number of cows has also been reduced, partly due to the weak returns in the sector
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so it's been a roller-coaster ride the entire year."
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Statues are lightning rods, symbols of the prevailing values of the society
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This alone gives me the impression that my thoughts matter — something that the average person in the street has been crying out for.
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