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660, I'll be happy for him,” Barry Bonds told USA TODAY Sports

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What Labour used to represent is best illustrated by a famous anecdote about Keir Hardie, the party's first MP

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But Husk is the hot ticket in Chucktown and Sunday lunchtime is when it is most affordable

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There have been several articles recently, one a couple of days ago, I think maybe in the Wall Street Journal or somewhere, about the changing risk profile at Wells Fargo

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The industry is also concerned about how any final rule fromthe Labor Department will square with another measure beingdeveloped by the Securities and Exchange Commission, whichregulates all U.S

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Floodtags is a social enterprise that uses social media to monitor floods.

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Ever wonder what it's like for a Victoria's Secret Angel on one of their photoshoots? Well now viewers can watch a CBS special Feb

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Already one firm, Japan Tobacco International (JTI), has launched a legal challenge against the new legislation.

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I want to commend everyone who has made those small but significant changes to their diets and lifestyles," he said.

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It's the same things with cars, you can decide to drive a Range Rover, you can decide to drive a Toyota, you can decide to drive a Kia, it depends on the size of your pocket," he says.

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But he says patients are often not aware how to maintain them - and that can cause problems.

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Your visit also gives them the opportunity to ask questions about your recent activities and future goals

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The BBC revealed it will primarily be aimed at urban apartment dwellers whose space is at a premium.

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That was back when Alex Rodriguez was the best player in baseball, and a Texas Ranger

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"Drawdown" plans provide flexibility for the saver but disconnects income from the return generated

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So sometimes grocery stores fit into that, sometimes they don’t

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A woman's final check-up is six weeks after giving birth, ‘usually with their GP, when it is assumed that her body has returned to normal'.

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Nike has things pretty much sewn up when it comes to good running kit and these Dri-FIT Knit tops, above, are a simple yet high-performance basic for any runner

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multinationals worth less when translated back to dollars.

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Perhaps even more controversially USC hasn't shut up shop

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An autopsy of the whales will be performed at a facility in Buck Island.

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“It’s not why they come to the ballpark.”

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The Mama Africa show uses music as an integral part of performance and it is also used at the school during training

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Assorted experts, not to mention concerned members of the public, pointed to our likely population growth and said the size of the A&E unit should reflect this

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It reached No 1 on both Billboard charts.

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Insight Venture Partners led a $95 million funding round, which included new investors Coatue, Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust, the company said in a statement Tuesday

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He listened to white country crooners of the period such as Hank Williams, Jim Reeves and Ernest Tubb.

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The government formally notified the groups last week that they were suspected of links to al Shabaab, although it said the list had been generated prior to the Garissa attack

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But Vermette does not appear to be in the Viktor Stalberg wing of Quenneville’s doghouse

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The beast was probably about six metres long and its remains were found in a quarry in Alberta, Canada, in 1994

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CF is a hereditary disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system

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Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are found in the legs

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can actually still play an important role in Iraq

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The report did find improvements in the care of these children in recent years

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Other Republican legislators also took Rubio to task, including Rep

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A total stranger who I now know as Dave, who I met by chance filming in a pub in Warrington, revealed that his father had killed himself when he was eight

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ADEN, April 14 (Reuters) - The U.N

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Gains from trading and mortgages were offset by lower income from other sources, such as card fees and deposit service charges.

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He'll be backed by a band consisting of fiddler/multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin, fiddler/singer Lillie Mae Rische and bassist Dominic Davis.

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Other popular prescriptions in the U.S

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Three teachers received seven-year prison sentences, two received two-year sentences, and three received one-year sentences, with all the punishments including lengthy probation time after jail

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Texas-based Harvest did not immediately respond to requestsfor comment about the offer

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“That’s almost ten times as many as the year before.”

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The new Arenouillaz snow park is a 100 per cent family-dedicated snow zone with picnic and play areas featuring a pirate themed castle

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For the best up to date information relating to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas visit us at The Scotsman regularly or bookmark this page.

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We are holding this information session to raise awareness of the condition because like all cancers, early diagnosis is vital

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Weil’s disease (also known as leptospirosis) is a bacterial infection spread by animal urine, especially that of rats

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For many the amount of cash on offer is likely to be just too tempting.

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As with all agents, Aidy Ward, who looks after Sterling, is motivated by a desire to earn as much money as possible for his client

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Polls will open at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT)

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Making double and storing extras in thefreezer makes itespecially easy to whip up a meal on abusy weeknight

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The group continues to perform strongly and I have every confidence in the strong management team and the well diversified board to look after my interests in the group.

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“The transformation begins,” Williams posted on Instagram along with the photo

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Goldman reports on Thursday and Morgan Stanley on Monday.

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Newsnight's Chris Cook cites figures suggesting that only 23% of housing association tenant households have anyone in full-time work and two-thirds of them are in receipt of housing benefit.

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At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed

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Never mind mothers-in-law, a dog is the perfect antidote to every family’s grumpy teenager.

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“I’m just enjoying the front row seat

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However, the report also found that major challenges in this area remain

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JetBlue declined to say how much it pays in refunds and said it's not possible to quantify the financial effect of its cancellation policy because margins are affected by many different things.

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"I complain vociferously about the Lycra," says Marshall, who is married to a management consultant

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“You give whatever wisdom you have to make them better players

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“But at this point, our (marketing) is minimal

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Rosatom has a contract to build a new plant in Hungary andhas agreed to build reactors in India and Kazakhstan

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But this was not a day to fret about the offense, or the uncertainty of Familia as a closer

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Obesity is now estimated to cost the world $2 trillion per year (almost €1.6 trillion)

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About 21 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in 2010, and an estimated 8 million more were undiagnosed, the researchers note in Annals of Internal Medicine

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is not going to be willing to step up in terms of major military support

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By doing so the Union would deprive the Confederacy of the resource of slave labor behind the lines

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With its spectacular views, the hotel’s spa was a great place to relax after an energetic morning of ski touring

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He did the same thing at last year’s Spanish and Austrian Grand Prix races

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Caixabank currently owns 11.9 percent of Repsol but wouldhave to retain a 2.5 percent stake after it issued debtconvertible into the oil company's shares for that amount in2013

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I was full of happiness, although the radioactive tracer meant I couldn't hug my children

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Two more educators accepted deals with prosecutors and received lighter sentences.

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But for others, the number of counties means more opportunities for talented youngsters to play at a competitive first class level, and greater access for supporters.

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Precision medicine research is a relatively new area of biomedical research that targets an individual’s molecular biology to better understand and combat disease

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companies sales against their foreign competitors.

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Assume the fund earns an average 8 percent peryear annually

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The Fund hinted that the much-trumpeted reforms so far add up to little and have yet to put the country on a viable course.

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“Those investors willing to look beyond short-term price volatility and to focus on fundamentals are benefiting from the recent recovery in markets

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James has taken the Cavs back to the playoffs for the first time since 2010

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On the last day he was seen alive, Barway held the door open for students leaving school before he got on the van, Ray said.

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Tanguy Pepiot will remember this for a while to come

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For now most market focus is on the value of the euro against the surging dollar, but over a century there are plenty of opportunities for more serious issues.

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UK jellyfish stings aren’t dangerous, but they can lead to an intense, stinging pain, sometimes with itching and a rash.

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He had remained in the game for five more innings, but with the bases loaded and the Yankees trailing by two runs, Gardner told Joe Girardi he might want to find another hitter.

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But the company's primary aim is to produce a technology that addresses basic human needs and improves day-to-day quality of life.

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"The overthrow of the Cuban government was the overriding purpose of US policy between 1960 and December 2014

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My future plans are just to gain my apprenticeship and complete it in March next year - that'll be me finishing the level 3 NVQ in telecommunications

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Planes are filled with more passengers than ever before, fliers are older and heavier and tall travellers no longer get exit row seats for free

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Magee’s response? “The truth is, there’s no epidemic of failing schools or bad teachers,” she said in a statement responding to Cuomo

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All of that said, I wouldn't recommend scheduling the procedure tomorrow or at your next gynecologist appointment

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“Oh, no,” he admitted

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"The east of the country has always had fewer of these sorts of benefits and because of that, throughout history, things have always started here."

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While enjoying all this the reader must not forget to watch out for clues

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No, that warm blob was not causedby climate change, though it has many of the same effects for West Coast weather.