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Liszewski’s group and the marijuana reform movement more broadly want the DEA-mandated one-farm monopoly on research marijuana to be ended, a reform that actually is support by Dr

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Making sure all those children get their Christmas presents is quite the corporate operation: staff wages, production costs and vehicle maintenance.

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This stylish skyscraper is in the heart of Central's retail district

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They're by Christian Dior and we love the cut out gold metal frame

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Sometimes, daughters-in-law make their husbands abandon their mothers because they've lost the ability to work

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Consumer sentiment hit a five-month high in December.

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“It was asif the cancer was in the background

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Suspicious activity could mean that the account has been compromised

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While next-wave wearables and tech advances in voice recognition will, in theory, simplify home security options for an ageing population, technophobes may worry about being left behind

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"But the response from DHS speaks for itself

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Also striking a pose for the camera is Kim's daughter North West, already a budding fashionista at the age of 2.

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PREPA, which provides electricity to Puerto Rico's roughly 3.5 million residents, charges consumers far more than the average customers pay in the U.S

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This species of 1.5 to 3 inch-frog dwells in streams, with less elevation, from the Willamette River basin in Oregon to the San Gabriel River in Los Angeles County

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"With acupuncture it's all about the chi and stuff like that ..

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The company has bucked growing skepticism among late-stage investors about plowing millions into highly valuable companies

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They have Penelope dressed like a mini adult Kardashian with all their ridiculous low cut necklines

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Such a description might put viewers off, and that’s not the intention

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We’ve seen very large, though not quite as large, drops in all violent crime and property crime as well over the past decade, and gun laws can’t be credited for that.

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Canal St., has The Crystal Method, a Grammy-award nominated, platinum-certified, electronic-fueled duo from Las Vegas on stage in front of its 2,400-square foot dance floor

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And what of the 'legitimate' wives and children of these men Do you think they're not utterly destroyed Every woman and child affected by this will never be the same again

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Aspen Police Department on December 25, 2009 shows Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen after being arrested in Aspen

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Virginia, your little friends are wrong

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"Current health promotion in Ireland ignores modifiable risk factors for dementia

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Jackson before the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California, December 21, 2015

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