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The she-crab soup is velvety, imbued with the briny flavour of the female roe

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Women are still slightly more likely to vote Conservative than Labour, but that is probably partly down to the fact that women live longer than men, and older voters are more likely to be Tories.

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A clinical trial of more than 16,000 people known as SAVOR showed no increased risk of cardiovascular death, non-fatal heart attack or non-fatal stroke

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The victims were members of an Orthodox Jewish enclave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and were on the way to the hospital in Mar

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"Have it tailored, or make sure the fit is correct so you don't swim in it, so it doesn't lose your body shape

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Mr Cameron’s aim, plainly, was to counteract complaints that the Tory campaign has been too “negative”

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On his first day in Parliament, he was asked by a policeman whether he had come to work on the roof

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Sources told Reuters more than a year ago a barter dealcould be worth up to $20 billion and involve Russia buying up to500,000 barrels of Iranian oil a day

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Precious few appear in the canon: something which Tate, at last, is addressing