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Krumholz learned that only about a third of patient readmissions were related to the original cause of hospitalisation

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The 24-year-old died the day after he was shot by police responding to an assault complaint.

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New England’s defense is statistically better in points, passing yards and total yards allowed without Revis this season.

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Fish and Wildlife Service to protect African lions under the Endangered Species Act will place tight restrictions on South Africa’s lucrative trophy hunting industry

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Laws enacted in September will allow Japanese forces to help friendly countries, such as the United States, under attack based on the Abe administration's reinterpretation of the constitution

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After the report was issued the company lowered the price of the girl’s scooter while a spokesperson called it to be a system error

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"Most likely he quickly drowned."

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The utility insists that the leak, while a major publicnuisance, poses no immediate public safety threat because thegas dissipates outdoors

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He isn’t alone in not wanting to think much about brain injuries.

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As part of its pre-budget submission, the ASI commissioned an expert policy paper on home care versus long-term residential care

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Hughes was arrested April 15 after flying through restricted airspace over and around the Capitol

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The researchers believe that studying on campus probably provides greater cognitive benefits because of the social interaction with students and lecturers involved

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Before the fatal wreck, Smith was involved in two minor crashes and seemed coherent as she exchanged information with one of the other drivers, according to court testimony

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The scientists were successful in measuring the length of time these tendineae can endure repeated stress before rupturing

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My prayer at Christmas is that we will follow Jesus’ call to look into our hearts and that we will reflect on how we contribute to both justice and injustice in the world

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It said 3,692 people have drowned trying to get into Europe.

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THE ASSESSMENT: It's true customers might gravitate to the 24 Binge On services

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Launched in 2009, Focused Credit found its way into the portfolios of mom-and-pop investors, pension plans and nonprofits, fund disclosures show

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Users can always turn off acceptable ads in settings, to get stricter ad blocking.

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This is why it is often referred to as the ‘silent killer'.

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His journey back home from his last destination, American Samoa, would only be 1,455 miles, much less than the 7,215 miles to the North Pole

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The presence of UN and French troops has largely failed to stabilize the country

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"A little bit of magic goes a long way with young children, maybe inspiring them in the future

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More seasoned drivers can get 10 points on their license before it’s revoked, according to the TLC.

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"I roughly know the story plot but I have never seen any of the films in the series before," admitted Yao Yiyun, 22, a computer programming student in Shanghai

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- Head to the Genesee River at its most spectacular stretch north of downtown for a peek into the city's water-powered origins

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