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Swinney dismisses any suggestion that he and his staff cross the divide between church and state, and Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich said a review by the school in 2014 supported his coach

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In former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson’s NFL career, there was no independent neurologist assigned to take concussed players out of games, as there is now

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"The way it opens is just epic," Jesy Nelson told the BBC - but the band wouldn't spill any more beans.

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Again, you won’t have to do anything in order to get the plug-in up-and-running, because it starts by default once you fire up the device’s installed browser.

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Tahir has developed a network of professionals who can help her with specific problems, such as lawyers, psychologists, housewives, gynaecologists and a local imam.

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Among them 19-year-old Brendan McGuinness, who has been on the run for over 12-years

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Anthony participated fully in shootaround Wednesday morning ahead of the clash with LeBron James and the Cavs

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About 44% of Disney's profit comes from cable TV -- primarily ESPN

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The final hurdle, ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency's Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC), is expected within weeks.

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Forty-five percent of the patients were Hispanic, Walters said

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He added: "This is a cheap ruse and a broken record that they are using in an attempt to justify their defeats."

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Belichick was in a light-hearted mood for the middle of Jets week

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Wing said he could not recall hearing any, adding there was a lot of back and forth exchange and he did not hear it all.

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It was last deployed by Colin Powell, when he was Secretary of State, to describe the killings in Darfur in 2004.

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The search giant is planning soon to pilot its new GoogleCompare auto insurance comparison shopping site, wrote Forresteranalyst Ellen Carney in a note

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The wallet had $80 in cash, credit cards, a bank card and a gift card.

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"It's almost become what dietary fat was in the 1980s and 1990s."

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A Howard trade Like the Lawson deal before it, it's worth a shot -- and reason enough to keep Lawson around in case his contract is needed to accomplish such a deal

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He has auditioned for the upcoming farewell season of “American Idol.” His wife, Kim Kardashian, shared a sneak peek of the audition via her Twitter account.

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His father was promised a job and the whole family was given a short vacation in a hotel

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We're just glad shesurvived at all

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"Please share #givethemrefuge and donate to save our services

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