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It is expected to decide by the end of June whether several million low and moderate income people in 34 U.S

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At Tate Modern, the two main exhibition spaces will also, for the first time, host solo shows by women simultaneously: the contemporary painter Marlene Dumas and abstract pioneer Sonia Delaunay.

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It made no mention that the Ukrainian parliament had banned Nazi symbols, too.

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This would have created a “stagging” opportunity, when traders buy at the start for a quick profit

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Clinton launched her much-awaited presidential campaign with the following “Getting Started” video that’s big on diversity

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Spending rose 13 percent, the biggest jump since 2001, to a total of $374 billion, according to a report released Tuesday by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics

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"To be able to blend generations between the two with a new franchise and pay homage to a lot of the main characters, it's like I get my cake and eat it too

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WASHINGTON, DC: On Monday afternoon, Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, called his staff together for a meeting

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France's Le Monde newspaper reported that a further announcement could come as early as Wednesday.

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You wouldn't catch Kim with green hair But when it came to her dress for the American Music Awards back in November, she turned to one of Kim's favorite designers.

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Fresh from her marriage to the Hollywood heart-throb last month, she arrived in Athens to advise the Greek government in its battle to repatriate the ancient Elgin Marbles statues from Britain.

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Below that, you are not going to be well."

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I think (Tuesday), early attacking, and try and get us later into the ballgame.”

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This he later combined with helping to run the Everyman Cinema and Jazz Club in Hampstead.

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She called an old friend from the Bloomberg administration, John McKay, once in Ray Kelly’s detail, because McKay now is a senior director of security for the Mets.

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Atletico scored four times again, for a 4-2 aggregate

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That wouldn’t come as any surprise

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"This is the first time that a digital campaign to assist psoriasis sufferers has been launched in Ireland

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Bond says all the models point to it continuing through the end of this year.

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But his body pumped blood and sucked air for another nine hours, as he lay unconscious on a borrowed bed across the street from Ford’s Theatre in Washington.

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It is alleged Mr Tipton used his position as security director to change the video camera settings and record only one second in every minute

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central bank will only tighten monetary policy in 2016.

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CHD occurs when the body's blood supply to the heart is blocked or interrupted due to a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries

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The latest violence followed reported comments by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, an influential figure among the Zulu ethnic group, that foreigners should "pack their bags" and leave

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Last year a Royal Decree made physical education for schoolgirls mandatory for the first time

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This is powerful and appealing to voters

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There are many outside Saracens who might just be asking: “Who the hell is Jackson Wray?” He is not a Saracens big‑money signing

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The safest choice for donor breast milk is a milk bank

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The PPI had declined 0.5 percent in February.

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Docker said it would devote the latest investment to improving orchestration, networking and storage while building out open APIs

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The country is a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the NPT

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"With so many skills gaps in construction – an industry that is vital to our future economic growth – this is extremely worrying," said Ms Donnelly

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The CBI’s director general, John Cridland, said: “The EU is our biggest export market and remains fundamental to our economic future

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After the arrest, he was charged with resisting arrest, driving under suspension and unlawful equipment.

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So I used that as a guide to follow where they went

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“This may be more expensive, but it’s more effective.”

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After a British stag do reveller was dumped miles outside of Barcelona and forced to walk for 20 hours to get his bearings, we look back at a rich history of pre-wedding parties going beyond a joke

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In fact, around 1,200 people develop the condition every year following treatment for cancer.

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Available to buy at MyTheresa now for $127, you can make this cozy white hoodie yours with a click to the right

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It’s nice to get your major tally up and running at quite an early stage of your career

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OIL WORRIES: JPMorgan's commercial bank had $61 million in credit losses last quarter, a substantial increase from the $5 million in losses a year earlier

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Inflation, as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI), stood at zero last month compared with a year ago

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“Even if he succeeds in this,” Rohrabacher said, “I don’t think we are going to be any safer.”

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He listened to white country crooners of the period such as Hank Williams, Jim Reeves and Ernest Tubb.

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economic outlookcame from the International Monetary Fund

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HOW THE STOCK REACTED: Shares in Wells Fargo fell 94 cents, or 1.2 percent, to $53.96

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Only this time, the crowd celebrated not a layup, but a life.

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Obama said he and Abadi “discussed extensively” Iran’s involvement in the fight against Islamic State

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Mop them up with fluffy air-light soufflé potatoes.

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An SMMT spokesperson said: "Van registrations have risen consistently over the past two years, mainly as a result of steadily increasing business confidence and a range of attractive finance deals

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An enterprise version of Docker Hub, a hosted service used to run Docker containers, was rolled out in December 2014

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“I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a similar position, winning my first major, and having a nice comfortable walk up the 18th

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Three teachers received seven-year prison sentences, two received two-year sentences, and three received one-year sentences, with all the punishments including lengthy probation time after jail

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Thompson finished 15 of 21 from the floor, including 8 of 10 from 3-point range, to stir memories of his unprecedented performance.

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Many different issues related to diet, exercise, frailty, genetic factors, and weight change could play a part," they added.

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Sadly, a culture has been allowed to develop at Arsenal where fourth is the new first

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Abubakar Shekau took over the militant group in 2009 and has turned it into a killing machine.

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All they need is the gigantic bullhorn the Kardashian celebrity juggernaut provides

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What woman doesn’t appreciate a trip to Paris, New York or Barcelona, even if there is a marathon involved? Unfortunately there are also less exotic locations

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The second officer was still in his vehicle and saw Benson get into the police SUV and drive away

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The Lib Dems say they would roll out this policy on government or local authority-owned land

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She opened the year by winning the Australian Open for her 19th Grand Slam title and won another hard-court trophy in Miami earlier this month, in dominating fashion.

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What Britain needs is more housing, which can only come from a significant relaxation in planning laws.”

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shale oil outputwould record its first monthly decline in more than four yearsand on tensions in Yemen, where neighboring top oil exporterSaudi Arabia is embroiled in a civil war.

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And since the enactment of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it has been illegal to discriminate in the workplace based on sex.


The passengers riding a bus in the adjacent lane also got a front-row seat as cops pulled the man, who was dressed in red, out of a police SUV in the middle of the road

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Steff probably likes the contact a little more when he’s running

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At Folkestone we were greeted by a band prior to boarding our bus on the Channel Tunnel

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Brokaw's comments come at a time of widespread speculation about whether Williams will ever return to the "Nightly News" anchor chair

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We are stunned Shocked Wounded, broken and dismayed," Ludlow wrote

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So let them wrangle, and let the arbitrator arbitrate

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"The whole genesis of this was the launch of our product Airtel Zero

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Former West German president Heinrich Luebke is said to have remarked that he would not sit at the same table with a man whose work he could not discuss with his wife in the privacy of their bedroom.

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Are there gonzo conservatives out there? Or were the perpetrators progressives who see Clinton as a Tory Democrat, unfaithful to the progressive agenda?

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“There are lot of legitimate functions for those reserve officers, like helping out in national disaster or putting up sandbags during flooding,” he told the AP

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The 41 pence per share potential offer represents a premiumof 173 percent to Asia Resource Minerals's closing share price,ACE said

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However, there is a link between music and the brain's dopamine system, which is essential for maintaining behaviour

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Scioli's first task is to win the ruling Front for Victory'sprimary election in August and lock in its supporters, who couldmake up 30 percent of voters

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Residents of Havana, a city only four times larger, have dozens of places to get online, albeit at some of the world's slowest speeds and highest prices.

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On paper, that doesn’t seem like a recipe for Isles success.

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In this week's episode of our satirical series What's Up Africa, Ikenna Azuike asks if US foreign policy has failed in South Sudan.