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Eventually I'd like to do a HND or a HNC

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He surmised that what they most resented was not the war but emancipation

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Al Qaeda, which has staged suicide bombings against the Houthis, also poses a threat to Yemen's stability

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"Given the fading headwinds and the considerable war chest that consumers have accumulated in recent months ..

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They did not disclose financial details of the partnership.

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about 5:50 p.m., officials said.

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You know, it was tricky because he succeeded me and I had my own strong feelings about how things should be done, but I never interfered with it

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Just to add to Arsenal’s options, they are soon to welcome back Jack Wilshere, Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also to return before the end of the season

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The doctors pointed out that these illnesses affect not only the patients, but their families, health services and the economy as a whole

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People who inject drugs are at an increased risk of harm, as are members of the public, who shouldn't have to encounter public injecting

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spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

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A mother is the primary wage earner in one-third of American families

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The other sections of the app follow a similar format

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There just aren’t that many creative ways to ask about the structure of an atom

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The report also called for lower natural gas consumption in2025 and 2040 than seen a year ago, with the 2025 consumptionfalling as liquid fuels and petroleum consumption is expected torise

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There's a freekick to Real outside the box and Ronaldo, obviously, is going to take it

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De Blasio has made no secret of his efforts to become, along with U.S

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Project Fi also takes the unusual step — for an MVNO — of allowing multiple lines to share data on a single account.

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When you try on an outfit, your first thoughtshouldn’t be about whether or not it will make your ex regret dumping you.

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Last week, before his Masters triumph, less than 20 percent of Americans knew who he was, according to Repucom, a sports and entertainment analytics company.

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Twilio provides voice and messaging around the world to companies such as Uber, The Home Depot, Salesforce, Intuit and Coca-Cola.

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I think he has given up his rightful place to advise any of us in Washington what to do.”

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This is a very treatable form of cancer but it must be detected early," explained KGH surgeon, Mr Kevin Murray.

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The combined company would have sales of around 26 billioneuros, compared with 24.4 billion for Ericsson last year and37.44 billion for Huawei, which also sells handsets so is not anexact comparison.

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CDC will send two public health experts to serve as long-term technical advisers to the African CDC

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Lincoln was a radical on the slavery question because he was willing to risk a civil war to halt the expansion of slavery

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The encouragement is loud and persistent for 'Tred' and 'Tredders' from behind the stumps

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In 2014, researchers measured the participants' childhood blood cotinine levels from samples that had been collected and frozen in 1980

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The study found that both a mother and father's depression levels were associated with children's internalising and externalising behaviours

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That amounts to nearly 60 cents of every dollar

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There was still a chance of early stage cancer, but that was minor compared with a full-blown tumour

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The statement did not specify the location of the drone attack.

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Mexico has been fighting for more than 20 years over rulespreventing Mexican tuna from carrying a dolphin-safe label,which the country argues have frozen its fishing industry out ofa U.S

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corporate earnings and thedata miss

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The Lake District fells are mostly "common land" - with legal grazing rights held by the graziers (the landlord often has no grazing rights)

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Pluto, the largest known body in the Kuiper Belt, offers a nitrogen atmosphere, complex seasons, distinct surface markings, an ice-rock interior that may harbor an ocean, and at least five moons

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Yet the main political parties have limited the campaign to bickering about how they are going to find a paltry 8 billion a year to meet the requirements of the NHS

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There's no word on when NBC's internal investigation into allegations that Williams spread false stories about his reporting will be finished.

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Senate and to compete against Jeb Bush for the presidency has been the talk of Florida

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He was released in 2006, perhaps in part due to a criminal code at the time allowing for good behavior to earn early release, the Star reported

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In line with this projection, natural gas production isexpected to be 1.3 trillion cubic feet lower in 2025 than wasexpected a year ago

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When word spread on Twitter, my man Darren at the 7 Line released a statement saying, "Unfortunately, yes, some fans started a roll call

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He estimated he'd spent almost $40 million on updating the property so far

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He estimated he'd spent almost $40 million on updating the property so far

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Credit card balances were up $4 billion or 15% from a year ago, benefiting from strong new account growth and the Dillards portfolio acquisition in the fourth quarter

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Rauner, who took office in January, wants to freeze benefitsaccrued by state workers starting July 1

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From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments

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Educators are looking from the inside-out, and reformers from the outside-in

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The committee found Alpha Delta responsible for causing harm to members and violating terms of a suspension for alcohol violations

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"We can work on emotions, identities, family relationships, memories, cultural relationships

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Find yours today and relive history.

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included the antipsychotic Abilify and the rheumatoid arthritis prescription Humira

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Fowler said it was “fortuitous” that the second officer saw the theft occur and immediately started to tail Benson

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"There were originally six coal export proposals in Oregon and Washington," said Brett VandenHeuvel, executive director of the Columbia Riverkeeper organization, which has opposed them

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The Pentagon has made a spending request to Congress of $1.6 billion, focusing on training and arming Iraqi and Kurdish forces

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“Almost every chemical sounds dangerous when you pronounce it.”

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fisheries - andthat tuna from other regions does not face the same stringenttests, with ship's captains allowed to self-certify that nodolphins were harmed.

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ADEN, April 14 (Reuters) - The U.N

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Directed attacks and data breaches also grew, according to Symantec

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There’s something ancient about gold’s appeal

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Things had looked likely to improve this year

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In ignoring documents it held which were relevant to its customers’ complaints, Clydesdale failed to treat its customers fairly."

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I was offended by what was said."

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And he returned it with more drug paraphernalia inside.

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And how depressing that supposedly serious leaders can't put the national interest above electoral calculation

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Separately, the Conservatives have made a commitment to go even further on the higher rate threshold in the next parliament, increasing it to 50,000 by April 2020.

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The researchers produced the first analysis of the actual costs of breaches derived from insurance claims, instead of survey data.

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Similar systems exist for reindeer herders in Norway and Sweden.

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Back in 2010, Russia had linked its decision to freeze the S-300 delivery to the U.N

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The songstress also wore a bright yellow biker jacket by Balenciaga recently

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Clinton's announcement video shows self-awareness of both her record and of the Obama administration disasters that came soon after she left

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Next ball he gives it the kitchen sink and slashes it through gully, unlike Broad he gets a four

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Microsoft Corp said it would abide by such national demands while Apple Inc said it would store Chinese user data for its iCloud service at data centers operated by China Telecom Corp Ltd.

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Swedish researchers monitored 800 women over the course of almost four decades

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The dune slacks (wet hollows) are particularly rich in flowers and lichens.

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New York is a long way from that

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The Labor Department and the U.S

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So far, the president and other senior administration officials have made more than 130 telephone calls to members of Congress to discuss the negotiations.

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Moran traveled to Green River City for the first time in 1871

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Clinton's announcement video shows self-awareness of both her record and of the Obama administration disasters that came soon after she left

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“Think of how much money is wasted running an ad during a sports program to people who aren't registered to vote,” said Lindsay Conwell, vice president of accounts and media at i360

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And, surprisingly, boys visit the site more often than girls.

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When James took his first steps at age four, I nearly broke in half"

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It is because the two big parties are stuck in the opinion polls

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The exact cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown, but both genetic and environmental factors are thought to have key roles