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crude to a premium to global benchmark Brent for the first time in about a year

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We should welcome them into our communities with open arms.

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For a while the area surrounding the mall was on lockdown, but most stores were only closed for about an hour.

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The company says it’s working to add more companies to Binge On.

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Mara is a remarkable screen entity, one with a delicate prettiness that, in her case, somehow doesn’t suggest sweetness or fragility, but unknown depths

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A few features stand out in these new images

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Alternatively, get it off your chest in one of the slogan jumpers we've found for you elsewhere

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“The app started out glitchy AS ALL APPS but once everything was taken care of, it’s pretty good,” Kaye from the U.S

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The Nets have arrived in Brooklyn

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The PP's vote took a battering because of a party funding scandal and widespread anger over economic austerity

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Then, one by one, the beasts came forward

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"In some regions, we just open the tap and water comes out

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By the end of July, he was cleared to practice, and in mid-August he was on the field for the Chiefs' first preseason game.

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"Pneumococcal disease can have very serious ramifications and it is important that awareness increases

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Two weeks ago, my father died of stomach cancer in a hospice in Kent

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With an HDTV or megapixel network camera, the resolution is at least three times better than an analog CCTV camera

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Olynyk has learned to be a strong defender without leaning on his athleticism and Olynyk has learned how to have a solid impact with more than just his three point shot.

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Meanwhile, Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley assesses people's scepticism towards the Pope's recent recognition of a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa

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Safyre had a surprise visit today

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"So if a part of the debris hits a sensitive satellite you will never know if it was debris or deliberate

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Paxton was referring to the so-called campus-carry law, due to take effect on Aug

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No wonder the bullies on the government benches bay; politics demands a killer instinct

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However, it rarely carries any signs or symptoms

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Smart phones, in contrast, hit a 40 percent penetration rate in a decade, a period which saw rapid growth and then even faster unraveling of brands like BlackBerry and Palm.

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Three weeks before doctors confirmed the cancer had spread to thelining of her brain, Pete suspected the truth

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