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According to the Post, Richie has gone to court in London asking for an order allowing Rocco to stay and the judge agreed, which now sets up an international conflict.

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By contrast, the credit spreadfor Pennsylvania, the only other state without a fiscal 2016budget, is 47 basis points for 10-year bonds.

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The fund disclosed, for example, that its so-called Level 3 assets, or securities that are hard to value and trade, were 20 percent of assets at the end of July

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Those on Wi-Fi networks automatically get the highest quality available.

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Google did a fantastic job with the Nexus 6P and 5X, offering devices that are affordable and powerful.

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He died aged 22 in the battle of Neuve Chapelle - one of the biggest battles that the Indians fought as a united corps

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When working as an oncology SHO in 2008 in Galway, where the sadness of inpatient cancer ward rounds was palpable, these facts would have meant little to me

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“If we do not realize our Tree of Lights Christmas goal, it will mean having to re-evaluate funding priorities.”

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