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can budget for major aid," said Anthony Cordesman, foreign policy expert at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington.

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"He's a tank...You have to look around and see where he is

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So it’s not in the EU’s interest for Greece to leave.

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He lost his footing and slid sideways, knocked his bearskin on the side of the box and dropped his rifle

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The funeral homes keep coming to us.”

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He said his attorney told him that he had a strong case against the startup, even though the general technology had been widely used for years

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It's a small but growing movement online - Yemenis inside and outside the country saying #KefayaWar - "Enough war"

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With the company I get to see some good places

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1, 2011 or would havethe option to buy out their pensions and move into a retirementplan similar to the popular 401(k) plan in the private sector.

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The remaining 9.4 percent stake has a market value of 2.4billion euros ($2.5 billion).

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But he highlighted the difficulties some jurisdictions face when they issue debt to finance operating deficits, and when they under-fund public pensions.

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Miller, who pitched for the Orioles during the second half last season after being traded at the deadline, retired five of the six batters he faced

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At today's launch, we are told, Mr Cameron will portray the Conservatives as the party of the workers

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One of the results of that was a series of random murders of Roma in 2008-2009

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The weapons have most probably been stolen or originally left by the Nigerian army.

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Vigneault’s fourth-line was much better-rounded last season than what surrounds center Dominic Moore today.

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If you were at Citi Field Monday, you know how the place felt

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The defense summed up on Monday, arguing that Hernandez' confession was unreliable and improbable and that prosecutors failed to present evidence of his guilt

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Todd Moores, of Wheeling Veterinary Associates, believes the calf was born with a defect that kept the calf's sternum — or breast bone — from developing properly

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Seinfeld was one of the famous faces on hand for it

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It also includes the Skype call monitor.

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So close that England seriously consider appealing

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The first three months of the year saw the bank’s first quarterly profit fall in five years.


The innovative Hepatitis C treatment, Sovaldi, was the top-selling drug in America last year

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And virtually all Civil Service employees, be they firefighters, bus drivers or entry-level sanitation workers, must pass a high-stakes standardized test to get the job

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Ruth Davison of the National Housing Federation, which runs housing associations, asked why in an age of austerity the Tories would "give away" between 5 billion and 20 billion-worth of housing stock

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Luckily, we were able to bounce back, and ended up just barely missing out on qualifying for the regional playoffs," Spears said

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The amount of playing time Rodriguez gets, and how he performs, will determine his ultimate Center of Attention status

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In a few months, he becomes a scream magnet for teen girls, leading to a record contract and tours all over America.

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Because once those babies are produced, they require care and feeding

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The government is extremely concerned at the risk this poses to other young children and the broader community," Prime Minister Abbott said.

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Citi has cut staffing and computerised many elements of itscurrency business in recent years

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His aggressively euphoric delivery of the line was met by an equally enthusiastic reaction from the packed crowd.

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Many candidates for inclusion in this column suggested themselves: the Anchor in Beer was one, for obvious reasons

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The big parties think there are no votes in defence, so they won't promise to meet the Nato standard of 2pc of GDP on defence

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#bestnight#bigasmadonna #b---himmadonna,"she wrote, followed by a post that read, "If you don't like me and still watch everything I do